Christianity in Crisis : Admonitions to the Modern Christian – The Modern Christian Series #1 – by Westwick Abijah Williams

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The nation of Israel, as God’s Elect, looked forward to the coming of the Messiah as the most significant event in its existence. It was the acme of the people’s hopes. Yet when Christ came in fulfilment of that dream, He was not recognized by His people, and was consequently rejected. How could that be? The church had so distorted the Truth that it could not see any affinity between the Written Word and the Living Word. Jesus declared that the church was worshipping Him in vain because it had replaced the commandments of God with the traditions of men. Is it possible that Christianity could be repeating the mistakes of Judaism? Christianity in Crisisanalyses this issue from a scriptural perspective, and challenges Christendom to a more diligent search for Truth as found in the example and teachings of Christ who was Himself the source and embodiment of ALL TRUTH. Are Christians taking too much for granted?

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Keywords:- Christianity in Crisis, Christianity Today, Law and Grace, homosexuality, Christian traditions, worship,  Sabbath.

Genres:- Religion.

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