Chaos and Rage (9781934925706) – by Frank Tinsman

Price: $9.99

This is a military techno thriller. Our readers free-fall smack-dab in the middle of the fun, a whirling maelstrom of a building takedown where every calamity imaginable plummets down upon our characters with the force of gigantic cartoon anvils. Within the first three chapters our band of ten shooters and looters bulldoze their way inside the Compumercobr├ís facility, hammering down thunder on the entire security guard staff via fists, knives, grenades, and a trigger-happy outpouring of full-auto leadslinging. Through the course of all this chaos, we learn A.J. is a rampant psychopath twisting every last team member’s nerve endings, Victor is an edgy, clock watching disciplinarian; Akira the Grumbler is a spy for the very same Yakuza this crew is to sell their winnings to and, by the end of the third chapter, a spurting corpse; and the rest of the ten are just as eager to end the night on top, damn all who stand in their path.

The chaos unfolds fast and hard enough to bolt you back into your seat with SWAT-teams, rocket launchers, rampant use of high explosives and enough twists and turns to smack the reader with whiplash.

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