Cause Unknown – by Barbie Bellinger

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Originally built in 1704, the Cooper home is the keeper of many horrific secrets and is riddled with hidden passageways.

The present collides with the past as the Coopers try to unravel the mysterious events that unfold around them. A mysterious ancient Egyptian disease known as the grunge has attacked their neighbors and a cure must be found. Using binoculars that can see 150 years into the past may be the only way to solve the curse by attempting to discover how the disease began.

Rural Midwesterners, the Coopers and their four young children solicit the help of Dr. Grear Barnes, an established and trusted physician from New York, as they try to stop this plague before they all become infected.

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Keywords:- Horror, Thriller, Disease, Secrets, Egyptian, Family, Drama.

Genres:- Fiction, Horror, General, Fantasy.

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