Can’t Find the Will Power – by Lew Hamburger Ph, D.

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The premise of this book is that most people know what they have to do in life in most circumstances. When we become “stuck” it’s less about knowledge or insight than about a lack of willpower; because the choices seem too tough. I confess: I’m a people junkie. I never cease to be amazed by the variety of things people do to and for each other. At times these things are terrifying; more often they’re inspiring. Either way, they create constant wonder and awe. We all seem to have the capacity to terrify and/or inspire within us. What follows is an approach to help peel away myriad variables that confuse and immobilize us and reach the basic— some would say oversimplified—questions and concepts that can bring out the best in us. Being on the top of your game requires thinking ahead, putting yourself in the position you think will be coming and taking the action you think will help you do your best. Above all, it suggests practice, practice, practice. A book for any age because, we all have to find the willpower to do the necessary and right things in life.

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