Camp Cure: Calling Chocoholics (9781606935156) – by Annette Salton

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It’s time for a new group of ‘prisoners’ at the Chocoholics Anon camp, located in an isolated section of beautiful rural Australian bush. Renee, feeling her summer sentence to the camp was unwarranted, arrives set to rebel. Before she’s even entered the camp she manages to butt heads with Kane, the handsome, young Managing Director.

Every summer brings at least one outstanding troublemaker, and from their very first meeting Kane pins this label on Renee. Fully aware of his suspicions, Renee still makes plan after plan to obtain chocolate, dragging her cabin mates, Maddy, Connie, Kayla and Skye into trouble with her.

But does Renee act with the heart of a genuine chocolate addict or is it all just pretence? Will Kane be able to figure out Renee’s true motives before her antics lead her into much more trouble than she ever bargained for?

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