Cal Dixon and the Moguk Murders – by David C. Dagley

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Cale Dixon, a detective on suspension, is assigned a research case just prior to reinstatement. A South Korean man, the oldest son of the Won family, is found with a mouthful of Moguk rubies and stabbed in the back with an Un Jang do knife that has been discretely passed down though generations of the Cho dynasty women. Cale has nothing to go on so he travels on a scheduled vacation but alters course to Burma to learn about the Moguk Ruby. He, by chance, falls in the right hands and meets up with a major Mandalay jewelry family. While the jewelers do some black market research for Cale, he tours the Burmese countryside somewhere between hiding from the secret police and running from them. After traveling through the repressed land, he returns to the states and gets more turns and twists than he bargains for.

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Genres:- Fiction, Mystery & Detective, General, Fiction, Suspense.


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