But For The Crash – by George A.M. Heroux

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In 2001, three students from a Minnesota Christian college were killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on a four-lane highway. The beginning of this novel is based on that tragedy, and though fiction, the story tells of the chilling reverberations of this kind of crash.

In the novel, the incident not only impacts the families of the victims, but also the lives of the prosecutor, defense attorney, judge and many others, perhaps, most remarkably, the drunk driver. This leads to intrigue and suspense in the courtroom, continues with twists and turns, and ends in a most unexpected way.

But for the Crash is thought provoking, compelling, and original. Not incidentally, this novel could be used as a textbook for prosecutors and defense attorneys working on DUI felony cases.

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Keywords:- Drama, Courtroom, Action, Adventure, Intrigue, Fiction, DUI.

Genres:- Fiction : Suspense, Legal.

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