Brain Attack : Surviving a Stroke (Kindle Only) – by Carol E. Yorke

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Fifteen million people worldwide suffer strokes each year. Five million die and another five million are permanently disabled.While recovering from a major stroke in 2009, the author, a successful certified public accountant, grew to understand how much her positive attitude helped her cope and ultimately accept the significant losses brought on by her stroke. Focusing on the positive effects of optimism in her own recovery, she shares the valuable techniques she uses to maintain her can-do attitude, so other stroke survivors can use them for their own journey of recovery.Carol E. Yorke wrote this book so others can better understand strokes and the potential devastation that they can wreak on so many lives.Focusing on the positive effects of optimism, the author shares what has helped her to survive and thrive. She truly believes “every day is a new discovery.”

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Keywords:- Stroke, Recovery, Brain, Optimism, Self Help, Health.

Genres:- Self-Help.

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