Blueprints for the Eagle, Star, and Independent : Revised 2nd Edition – by Will Good

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Blueprints for the Eagle, Star, and Independent: Revised 2nd Edition traces the formation of the ideologies of the modern Republican and Democratic parties through the actions and policies of their political leaders, starting from Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, up to Barack Obama and John Boehner. The need for a strong Independent party is made clear—one whose constitutionally based platform and general beliefs would center around “common sense solutions for the common good” and be ably led by today’s truly independent leaders. This book provides a factual account of the derivation of the political ideologies of the two major American political parties, and how the influence of key leaders and events shaped their policies. A substantial amount of effort is made to describe what an Independent party must stand for in order to compete with the two major parties on equal ground.

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Keywords:- Independent, Democratic Party, Republican Party, politics, history, Sanders, Clinton.

Genres:- Science.

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