Blue Night, Blue Day – by Andrea McKay

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Suffering from years of depression and writer’s block, author Liz Hogarth finally begins to piece her life together after the tragic death of her husband, famous nature photographer Ryan Hogarth. A new life in the small town of Strathnaver brings opportunity for change, but Liz still keeps the secret behind her husband’s sudden death.
A nighttime stroll brings her to Jack Thurman, a fifty-something year-old music lover and bar owner, whose easygoing nature and warm personality brings balance to Liz’s life as she struggles to find direction and purpose. Their friendship allows Liz to regain her creativity, exploring the past in order to create a future, but Liz is unsure whether revealing the truth behind Ryan’s death will strengthen her relationship with Jack or drive him away forever.

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Keywords:- Depression, Mental Health, Self Discovery, Personal Growth, Widowhood, Nature, Photography, Art, Blues, Music, Love, Sex, Friendship, Cats, Polar Bears, Trees, Rural Living, Northern Canada, Far North, Writing, Writer’s Block, Accidental Death, Inner-peace, Happy Endings.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, Romance, General.

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