Black Ballers – by Nancy Price

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Marcia was trapped in a damaging relationship with Dick, a sex addict. Her emotional prison walls kept her locked in a world of lies. He was handsome, while she considered herself ordinary. She was thrilled about this new marriageā€¦and in denial.


She wanted him to change and she thought he would for her, if only she loved and cared for him enough. But he continued his sick escapades. She felt emotionally vulnerable toward him and his addiction.


She turned to a younger man, a promising member of a gang for help. She began to feel courageous and hopeful. She prayed for her life to change. With the help of Micah, she did see light at the end of a long tunnel of heartache.

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Keywords:- Codependency, Alcohol, Drugs, Motorcycle Gang, Pedophile, Gun, Pornography

Genres:- Fiction.

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