Bed of Roses, Bed of Thorns – by Uta Christensen

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Germany, WWI and WWII: War devastates the lives of ordinary citizens.
While the country’s face was changing and men died in battle by the millions, the women’s psyche and role was also changing.
Ursula Meister, an insatiably curious child, has an innate sense of independence and is a keen observer. Coming-of-age after the end of WWII, Ursula’s sense of self is adversely affected by her mother, a beautiful but repressive, insensitive, punishing woman. Ursula longs for her father, a soldier in the German army who is absent during her formative years. However, when he finally returns, she feels estranged. Finding solace in listening to family tales through her Aunt Lidia’s storytelling, Ursula learns of the women before her who survived hardships more severe than hers.
Faced with war time’s extreme insecurity, but equipped with intelligence and strength, Ursula must find for herself her true beliefs, her worth, and eventually her freedom and independence.

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Keywords:- Family Saga, Story Of Three Generations, Coming, Of, Age, Family Love, Tyranny, Nature’s Healing, Early 20th Century History, Wwi, Wwii Era, Women’s Lives Under Hardships, Living Through Two Ww’s, Women Carry Brunt Of Tragedy, Family Relationships Under Stress, Family Dynamics, Lies And Love, Mother, Daughter Conflict, War Destroys Families, War Impacts Women, Children, Growing Toward Womanhood, A Mother’s Tyranny, Challenge Defining Oneself, True Beliefs, Worth, Attaining Freedom, Independence.

Genres:- Sagas,Fiction, Historical.

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