Bardot’s Comet – by Martina Nicolls

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Bardot’s Comet is a literary crime novel set in Australia in a period of intense social and scientific change: 1966-1969. Amid the rise of feminism and sexual liberation, the Vietnam War, the first man on the moon, the global debate on science versus religion, and the Murchison Comet, a father seeks to understand his daughter’s brutal murder.
Leonardo Bari changed his daughter’s name to Prudence after her mother died, a month after her birth in 1924. This simple act haunts him as he questions its impact on her life. Does numerology form an integral part of the cosmic plan for one’s life? Can changing a name alter one’s destiny? Or is the Murchison Comet, which his daughter re-names “Bardot’s Comet”, the bringer of doom and death? Is destiny, Bardot’s Comet, or Leonardo himself ultimately responsible for Prudence’s shocking fate?

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Keywords:- Science, Mathematics, Numerology, Feminism, Sixties, Thriller, Comet.

Genres:- Fiction, Crime, Occult & Supernatural.

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