Ballad of a Bagpiper : Whatever Blows Up Your Kilt – by E.A. Channon

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Ballad of a Bagpiper is the first of its kind telling the funny side of bagpipes. With an ancestor that invented the wash closet (bathroom), it’s no wonder that E.A. Channon leads an unusual and interesting life. Playing his bagpipes at events and special occasions for 35 years, he has a collection of interesting and bizarre tales that he shares in Ballad of a Bagpiper, winner of the 2010 Florida Publishers Award.

Have you ever thought that bagpipes would be played at a nudist camp? Or in a nudist wedding? What about at a vampire wedding? How about at a funeral where the bagpiper suddenly disappears …

Ballad of a Bagpiper tells of a man who has devoted his life to bringing the sound of bagpipes around the world. Whether it’s a wedding, funeral or any special occasion, not all events turn out as elegantly as planned. Bagpiper and author E.A. Channon knows this because he’s seen just about everything. Channon’s out-of-the-ordinary and fascinating life includes traveling around the world from an early age, which allows him to have played the bagpipes for a variety of well-known people such as Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Bill Gates and President Reagan.

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