Awake (Are We?) Part 2 : The Rebirth Of Sublin – by Marty Connor and Rosie May

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It was inevitable that a great war was coming to the world of Sublin. A vast army led by the Metalmares was seen approaching the Waterfall Kingdom with one thought in mind: Destroy and control.

The frightened and unprepared citizens led by Kustos stood paralysed on the battlefield. Weapons at the ready, they were set to fight, but were greatly outnumbered and knew it was an impossible task to protect the walls of their kingdom.

Seeing victory in his grasp, the Dark Lord appears before the battered army and confronts the One Dreamer. Is it time for Will to take on the power of the Shadow Night Lord and fulfill his destiny?

The faithful followers of The Waterfall Kingdom think their sacrifice is valid and, in an effort to divert the attention of the Dark Lord and hopefully assist the Dreamer in his quest, they come up with a plan. Factions led by Lord Reginald and Lady Joan split up their resources and travel to the far reaches of Sublin to defend its shores but, at the same time, they face their darkest days.

This fantasy novel is the second in a trilogy that explores the ultimate battle between good and evil.

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