Austin & Charlie Adventures: Washington DC – by Linda Parker & Katie Langdon

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Austin the Sheltie and Charlie the Basset Hound are best friends who travel from one Tail Wagging Doggie Adventure to another in their Pawmobile, accompanied by their favorite toy, Mr. Stretchie. But now Mr. Stretchie, along with Austin’s food bowl, is missing! Who could’ve taken them? Meanwhile, Austin and Charlie have been invited to the White House by the First Dog, Miss Liberty, for Doggie Appreciation Day. With the help of Miss Liberty, her Secret Service dogs, and using many types of transportation, they search all over Washington D.C., the White House, monuments and museums in search of the missing items. Can you help Austin and Charlie find their favorite toy, Mr. Stretchie?

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Keywords:- Dog, Chase, Adventure, Children’s, Travel, Presidents Animals, Historical.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, People & Places, United States.

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