Assume Nothing – by Ronald L. Johnson

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Upon the death of Will O’Brien’s grandfather, who raised him from infancy, Will discovers a press clipping from 1974. It describes the plane crash death of his parents and a baby with Will’s name. So who is Will O’Brien and why does he have someone else’s name?

In Will’s quest for answers, he learns that not only were his grandparents master spies for the CIA, but his father worked for the Russian government. But that man, his father, has never been identified. And if the Russians have had no luck after more than 30 years of trying to reveal the spy in their midst, what hope does Will have of discovering the truth?

It’s a nail-biting mystery full of intrigues that will keep readers on the edge of their seats in Ronald L. Johnson’s Assume Nothing.

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Keywords:- Spy, Mystery, Adventure, Assume Nothing.

Genres:- Fiction, Espionage, Suspense.

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