And Some In Hell – by Steven R. Mamchak

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It is a bright October day at Skyler Middle School, when a young man carrying a .44 Magnum pistol walks past security and into overwhelming tragedy. In the turbulent days that follow, the leader of a local teachers’ association, Betty Jean Beatty, struggles to make sense of the situation while battling school politics and public opinion. She is joined by Police Chief George Bundy, who is smart, tenacious and determined to find the truth. In a twisting plot that allows readers to see the tragedy from every angle and even call reality itself into question, the story builds to a searing climax. Readers will be left guessing until the end as the story reaches its horrifying conclusion in the boiler rooms and storerooms of a large, modern school where every character will be tested to the breaking point.

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Keywords:- Attempted Murder, The ‘bad’ Kid, Classroom, Death Notification, Death Of A Child, Deception, Empathy, Fear, God And Death, Grief, Grief Counseling, Hatred, Hostage Mentality, Juvenile Delinquent, Love, ‘media Vampires’, Misunderstanding, Middle School, Mobs, Murder, Mystery, Narcissist, Nature Of Reality, The ‘outsider’, Pain, Psychotic, Rebellion, Riot, School Board, School Security, School Shooting, Sociopath, Survivors, Suspicion, Teacher’s Union, Teaching, Teenager, Tenure, Victims, Weeping.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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