And Reality Be Damned…: Undoing America: What media didn’t tell you about the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism in Europe – by Robert Buchar

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The real danger of Soviet deception during the fall of communism is exposed in this startling account that takes a firsthand look behind the Iron Curtain.

Learn how the KGB sought world domination, starting with the USSR. Read the shocking facts about the true origin of international terrorism in the 1960s. Author Robert Buchar presents years of research and interviews with major players. His first-hand experience as a political refugee makes this an authentic and eye-opening account of Western Civilization’s main enemy.

“Robert Buchar’s book fills a vacuum, shedding light on the KGB’s secret assistance to Communism and its tyrants … [His] book shows the inner workings of [this] machine running its disinformation … for all to see.” Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa

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Keywords:-Communism, Perestroika, Terrorism, Gorbachev, KGB, Andropov, Putin.

Genres:-Biography & Autobiography.

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