An Essay on SUCCEEDING IN E –BUSINESS – by Eyango Nkongo Flore

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The work “An essay on SUCCEEDING IN E- BUSINESS” traces the process of building a business on the net, the hardships that might occur on the way and also the hints and tips to overcome them. This book is a set of rightful advices and judicious instructions on how to successfully build and run a business be it offline or online. These counsels are based on the author’s job experience as a marketer and business woman and on some psychological studies as well as some social surveys.

The lively and simply written English which this literature I penned down in makes both laymen and experts enjoy its reading.

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Keywords:- Online-Biz, Business, E-business, Bizman, Customers, Home-business, Market.

Genres:- Business & Economics, General Self Help , Personal Growth, Success, Small Business.

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