America’s Addiction to Entitlements : Not What the Governed Meant – by Eddie R. Dunlap CRNA, DNP

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America is being consumed by entitlement spending. This important issue is surveyed in America’s Addiction to Entitlements: Not What the Governed Meant.

Seventeeth- and eighteenth-century philosophers studied civilizations and governance. Their observations and studies gave tremendous insight into the nature of man. Following in the footsteps of these philosophers, founders of the United States of America forged a new governance model, where individual sovereignty and personal liberty enabled man a glimpse of his own potential if unabated by the tyranny and oppression of government.

However, liberal progressive American ideologies have facilitated a slow decline from the heights of true freedom to a new level of slavery. Social programs with good intentions have led free men into chronic dependency and have destroyed the independent character that was uniquely American.

Political ideologies between conservatives and liberals are now battling for the will of the people. Can America regain its stature as the land of the free and the home of the brave?

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Keywords:- Entitlement, Government Debt, Social Security, Medicare, Social Spending, Liberalism, Conservatism.

Genres:- Political Science Commentary & Opinion, Political Science History & Theory, Political Ideologies Conservatism & Liberalism.

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