Alpha : The Secrets of the Architect – by Sami Charni & Mourad Abaidia

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Former technician Mourad Abaidia and former attorney Sami Charni, both sophists have written a book of truths. Alpha is not only an insightful and astonishing culmination of two minds coming together to present the essential elements of Hebrew history, but it serves as an important message of hope that gives credence to biblical history and teachings.

Abaidia and Charni glean their findings from scientific data and hieroglyphs that decode the mysteries surrounding Moses and his people and God’s infinite and omnipotent power. Using official, sacred text and prophecies and the laws of physics, the authors strip away the myths and lay bare the truth of God’s plan for humanity. Alpha will change the way you view your life and the world around you.

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Keywords:- Alpha, Secret, Architect, Sami, Mourad, God, Sophism.

Genres:- Religion, Christian Theology, History, Biblical Commentary, New Testament.

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