After the Party – by Shan Lee

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Bella is a rich and spoilt young girl used to getting what she wants. However following the death of her mother, her father has become enormously overprotective of her. This has led Bella to formulate a picture perfect image of life that’s not always grounded in reality.

One night Bella decides to throw a party. The evening proceeds without incident and the guests have all presumably gone. Bella awakens the next day to discover that her house is in a terrible state, and more pressingly – that she is not alone. But foolishly, she takes the men present simply for friendly party guests who’ve stayed behind to help her out. Naively, she even flirts with one of them. Big mistake! Find out what happens next, as Bella naively goes for a soak in the tub with a group of burglars ransacking her house in the next room.

After the Party is a short story about how a single foolish mistake in life can result in serious consequences.

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Keywords:-Romance, Suspense, Drama, Love, Morals, Values, Relationships.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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