After Hours : Adventures Of An International Businessman – by Gene Myers

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Author Gene Myers has experienced many interesting and unexpected events during the course of his professional life. The most memorable of his exploits did not always have to do with his career, but they certainly did have their roots there. After Hours: The Adventures of an International Businessman illustrates the sometimes humorous, sometimes dangerous events that weave a rich tapestry of his life, often resulting in more excitement than he bargained for.

Read about how Gene risked his business career to play basketball in Mexico, or what happened to him during his year in Saudi Arabia (“educational, but not without humor,” says Gene). Find out why he was held captive in Iraq during a business visit (unexpected, and more dangerous than advertised in his job description!) and laugh out loud as Gene gets “held up” in the Netherlands by two six-year olds.

This, and so much more, is part of what happens off the clock in the unexpectedly exciting and hilarious life of an international businessman. Who knew international business could be so adventurous?

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Keywords:- Travel, Humor, Middle East, Europe, Australia, California, Mexico.

Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Business, Personal Memoirs.

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