After A While You Wonder – by N.E. Edelen

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Book Synopsis: The year is 1997, and five former Los Angeles police officers gather for lunch. They begin reminiscing about their assignments at 77th Street Division. They talk of
racism, riots and their lives on the LAPD’s strong blue line of silence. Two months before the 1965 Watts Riot, one of the men, Q. Sanes, corroborated the testimony of a white officer who claimed the LAPD was racist. With the conviction of O.J. Simpson a few days before in the civil suit for the wrongful death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, the men realize that the racial volatility of the City of Angels is still prevalent after three decades of deep social upheaval and change.

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Keywords:-Cops, reunion, thin blue line, LAPD, racism, profiling, 60 Democrat Convention, 65 Watts riot, fiction with truths, After A While You Wonder, N.E. Edelen, Marquette Frye, Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, Black POV, nigger.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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