Achieving Superpersonhood: Three East African Lives – by William Peace

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Kamiri, a dirt-poor migrant raised in tribal culture, is drawn to the city, where he joins his brother in the illegal drugs trade. Disillusioned, Kamiri enters professional football, but his jealous brother shoots Kamiri in the knee, forcing him to begin work as a forest ranger.

Hassan, of doubtful parentage, is the youngest child in a rich and powerful Muslim family. Lonely and insecure at university, he joins Dorothy at a political protest that goes wrong, and finds himself in a terrorist organisation. Appalled by their activities, he escapes and enters the Army’s officer candidate school.

Dorothy, a college graduate from a middle-class Christian family, is an idealist who is unsure whether to enter politics or medicine. Set back in both careers, she makes a decision, and faces a further romantic choice between Kamiri or Hassan.

These three East African young people are intertwined in friendship, as each seeks a fully satisfying and challenging life and career identity.

Two voices are heard throughout. One, seemingly the voice of God, and the Other, possibly Satan’s voice, offer conflicting guidance on achieving superpersonhood.

“Appealing characters and an intriguing portrait of modern Africa.” – Susan Waggoner, Foreword Reviews

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Keywords:- Inspirational, Africa, Life, Career, Religious, Youth, Challenge.

Genres:- Romance.

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