A Study of Monsters – by Quixote Merillees

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Small-town America, no gangs, no graffiti, but the all-white kids are ankle deep in drugs and kinky sex. Fear is palpable, and a hot-tempered deputy learns the town is suffering under a power clique with a depraved indifference to human life. Local police know better than to arrest the wealthy.

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Keywords:- Murder, Cancer, Sex, Rape, Sodomy, Pollution, Oxycodone, Corruption, Politics, Hillbilly Heroin, Swingers Club, High School, Crime, Sex, Money, Bribery, Crooks, Homicide, Kinky Sex, Republican, Factory, Living In Fear, Insanity, Poverty, Tyranny, Corporate, Control, Stabbing, Forensic, Shooting, Riot, Arson, Fire.

Genres:- General, Non Fiction.

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