A Shepherd’s Trial : A Look at the Relationship that Today’s Pastor has with the Congregation – by David Voyles

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As Christians, we look to our pastors, ministers and spiritual leaders on how to follow a life geared toward loving and exemplifying God and Christ. But do some of these teachers preach false doctrines? And how do we, as servants of God, recognize what is just and what is not?

David Voyles explores this sensitive subject in a book that is set up as a courtroom proceeding. The beginning chapters are an indictment that identifies the false practices and doctrines; the second portion presents the evidence on how pastors should lead and teach their congregations; and the third is an invitation to the “sheep and the shepherds” to embrace a loving and right relationship with God in order to know the miracles and love that is ever-present in God’s eternal light of forgiveness.

Open yourself to the truth about God’s Word and begin a wonderful exploration into what ministry is all about. This narrative is an attempt to correct the false teaching and put pastors back on track with leading the congregation into God’s will.

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