A Pyrrhic Victory: Volume I, The Shaping of Destiny – by Ian Crouch

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It is twenty-two years since the death of Alexander the Great. After years of fighting, his empire has been divided up between his generals. Always hostile to each other, they focus constantly on their borders to try and seek an advantage.

In 301 BC, their armies are preparing for battle once again.

And to the west, Rome and Carthage are preparing to burst onto the world stage, to wrest power from the Hellenistic kings.

Into this world comes Pyrrhus, the young disinherited king of Epirus, a region of northern Greece. Pyrrhus will later be described by Hannibal as the finest commander the world has seen, after Alexander himself.

A Pyrrhic Victory refers to a victory that comes at such a cost that it threatens to destroy the victor.

“Writing with great style, Dr. Crouch brings this ancient age to life once more; maintaining an expert balance between historical accuracy and creative imagination. Dr. Crouch succeeds splendidly in conveying a compelling interpretation of the lives and loves, the achievements and aspirations of great men in a great age.” – Dr. Eoghan Maloney, lecturer in ancient history at the University of Adelaide.

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