A Mom’s Wish : Finding the Path through the Autism Maze – by Christina Lee

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Spend twenty years on a journey with Christina Lee and her family. A Mom’s Wish lets you in on everything Christina wishes she had known before her family learned to cope with her son’s autism.

A Mom’s Wish: Finding the Path Through the Autism Maze starts at the beginning, with the birth of the family’s children. It explains the first signs and symptoms of autism, and tells about the various doctors, school encounters, and lessons learned over the years.

“This book also gives tips on dealing with schools and others that I wish I would have known in the beginning. It ends with our son’s successful high school graduation, and gives a view in his own words of what autism means to him.”

At the end of the book there are lists of websites, books and Internet resources that will help other families with an autistic child. A Mom’s Wish is written from the heart to help others make this amazing journey.

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Keywords:- Autism, Aspergers, Resources, Christina Lee, School Encounters, Symptoms, Disability.

Genres:- Biography & autobiography, personal memoir.

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