A Cowboy’s Heart – by Loretta Bivens

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Joe Lee Anderson is a new veterinarian eager to open his own equine clinic. He has the rest of his life planned out, until his mother, Zoe Anderson, hears that her long-lost love and the father Joe Lee has never known, Jake Garrison, is ill and possibly dying.

Zoe’s first problem is that Joe Lee hates his father because he abandoned his mother when she was pregnant. The second problem is that not only does Zoe have to tell her son that his father may be dying, but she also has to convince him to go with her to Oklahoma to see the man.

After Joe Lee and Zoe arrive in Oklahoma, they discover Jake is very wealthy and has another son. When Joe Lee meets his brother, J.W. Garrison, for the first time, Joe Lee finds they have more in common than just the same father.

After years of being apart, Zoe and Jake reconnect and their love is rekindled. The sons, however, face their own emotional issues regarding their parents’ reunion.

Tragedy strikes, bringing the brothers together to save the family business. Through each ordeal they face, the brothers learn how to trust one another and open themselves up to love. A Cowboy’s Heart knows that real love is not in the carnal desires of the flesh, but in the eternal, unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

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Keywords:- God, Love, Brother, Horse, Riding, Cowboy, Ranch.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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