A Bend in the River of Life – by Budh-Aditya Roy

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A Bend in the River of Life is an epic novel that begins in India and spans five continents. Rana was born in a well-to-do family in British India in the thick of World War Two. Before his second birthday, his parents go through a bitter separation. His mother returns to her parents, but Rana is told that she is dead.

He is brought up by his grandmother and a young aunt. Meanwhile, the Indian sub-continent is partitioned into India and Pakistan. Rooted to the Pakistan side for centuries, his family is forced to migrate to India, leaving behind their fortune. When Rana is nine, his mother returns, astounding Rana beyond comprehension.

Rana graduates with honors in economics and begins working for an American bank. He meets his wife, Keka, while vacationing. Two children are born, but at birth of the second child, Keka dies, causing Rana heartbreak. Leaving his children with his family, Rana moves abroad and plunges himself into his work, traveling round the world. His far-flung travels also generate a few romantic relationships, but marriage never materializes.

The River of Life, comprising human life and the forces that act as the invisible hands of God, flows on inexorably, oblivious of the emotions that rend mankind asunder. A Bend in the River of Life is a symphony of time, space and mind.

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Keywords:- Life, Symphony, Roy, Bend, Aditya, Budh, River, Nonetheless.

Genres:- Fiction, Sagas, Cultural Heritage.

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