40 Something – by Pasquale M. Palmieri

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Join twelve friends, all pretty much in their forties, as we peek into their lives for a few weeks. Learn about this group’s fears, relationships, and dreams in their very own Australian adventure, while experiencing what is one of the more, if not the most, challenging decades in the journey called life.

Set in Melbourne, this group comes from a variety of cultural backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of contemporary, cosmopolitan Australia.

As the twelve individuals sit around the dining table and share their daily experiences, you will feel their frustrations, and live through their hopes and emotions, played out for us all.

In the end, 40 Something is a very special book, because it draws a portrait of a rather peculiar bunch, who for all their differences, love and respect each other. They become a close family, one of their own choosing. Ah, if we could only pick our relatives!

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Keywords:- Relationships, Friendship, Romance, Love, Marriage, Australia, Fiction.

Genres:- Fiction, Urban Life.

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