2034 – by Robert Renfield

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In the early years of this century, young Tom Dempsey, trying to escape family troubles, runs away from his home in the city. Reaching the safety of a nearby refuge, without warning, he is magically whisked away to an unknown world.
Awake in a strange land, Tom is puzzled by the new, untamed setting. Soon after meeting a boy named Jake Foxfoot, he arrives in a village bereft of modern-day comforts. He joins Jake’s tribe, eager for adventure. Slowly, the secret of how and why he is there is revealed, but he’s only barely settled in when trouble starts.
A hidden villain has contrived a plot to bring chaos to the primitive, peaceful village, hoping to gain power in the aftermath. Tom and Jake belatedly discover the scheme and try to defend the village before their people are ruined.
Will the boys survive what is sure to be a dangerous mission and restore peace to their village? Or will it be too late?

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Keywords:- Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Young Adult, Adventure, Boys’ Adventure, Action, Action Adventure, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Adult Themes, Spiritual Themes, Triumph Of Spirit, Mind Over Matter, New Life Styles, Family Relationships, Bravery, Heroes, Heroism, Strange Creatures, Bigfoot.

Genres:- Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, General.

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