150 Shards of Light – by Michael Levitton

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I became a follower of Jesus at the age of thirty-nine. Until then I had been someone who, thanks to his training in the military and the law, reckoned he could work life out for himself. As part of my new life, I took to reading my way through the Bible each year. I have now read my way through the Bible twenty-five times. I wrote this series of articles based on the Bible because I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to apply my character, humour, and possibly wisdom gleaned from my Christian life to present stories from the Bible in a way that would appeal to those who do not know them. This book comprises 150 articles written for a parish magazine. Many are re-writings of biblical stories, but in a contemporary way and with added idiosyncratic comments. To ensure readers stay on the right track, I included, where appropriate, references to the part of the Bible from which the stories were gleaned.

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Keywords:- Bible Stories, Jesus, Christian Studies.

Genres:- Religion.

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