Selfpublishing Numbers Skyrocket to almost 400,000 titles in 2012 Bowker Data Reveals: 40% for Ebooks

The data from the article is below.. however I think they are misreading the data.. if you notice, the number of print books is steady at about 250,000. in our publishing company, yes, we did 1000 new ISBNs for ebooks, but they were for EXISTING print books. hmm. rockets-pubcrawl/ According to a new analysis released in October by ProQuest affiliate Bowker, the ISBN agency, self-publishing continued its growth spurt, up 59 percent in 2012 over 2011, from 246,912 titles to 391,768. The gains were even more startling over the longer period for which Bowker collected data: a 422 percent rise since 2007. Not surprisingly, “ebooks continued to gain on print, comprising 40 percent of the ISBNs that were self-published in 2012 [156,837 vs. 234,931 for print], up from just 11 percent in 2011.” Best! Robert Fletcher – CEO Linked In: Twitter: @Robert_CEO, CEO Blog:

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