Google’s CEO Says 5 Billion More Consumers to Read.

7 Things Google CEO Eric Schmidt Thinks Publishers Should Know By Denis Wilson | Posted on October 24, 2013 http://cdn.gigya.com/gs/i/reactions/default/buttonLeftImgUp.gif http://www.pubexec.com/common/images/list_icons/icon_comment_bubble.gif http://cdn.gigya.com/gs/i/reactions/default/buttonRightImgUp.gif 1 http://cdn.gigya.com/gs/i/reactions/icons/Agree_Icon_Up.png 1 http://cdn.gigya.com/gs/i/reactions/icons/Disagree_Icon_Up.png 0 . Text Size + . Print Google CEO Eric Schmidt had a bevy of insight to offer publishers at the Association of Magazine Media ConferenceOpens in a new window on Wednesday. Some of the headline grabbers today reported that the search engine head honcho had professed from the mountaintops: The future of magazines is on tablets! If that was all publishers got from it, they would have missed the point. Deftly interviewed by Wired editor-in-chief Scott Dadich, Schmidt’s insight was a tapas-style nibblefest of knowledge regarding the state and future of technology and media. Here’s what he served up: The Potential Audience for Publishers Will Explode “The evidence is that another 5 billion people will join us online,” says Schmidt. Internet penetration will grow as smartphones find their way into the hands of people in developing regions. Schmidt calls this adoption “life-changing.” It means access to information, safety, entertainment, and of course, for publishers, the potential for more media consumers. Through Google Fiber and the Android OS, Google plans to be a part of the new connected age, says Schmidt. Media Consumers Will Be More Intelligent Schmidt says that the personal empowerment that mobile devices promise is immense: “Everyone is getting supercomputers in their hands. This was not anticipated. Consumers of magazines will be sharper. It forces everyone to play at a higher-level game.” Best! Robert Fletcher – CEO Linked In: www.linkedin.com/pub/robert-fletcher/27/982/5b4/ Twitter: @Robert_CEO, https://twitter.com/Robert_CEO CEO Blog: http://publishondemandglobal.com/blog/

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