Social Media Statistics for Authors from Fast Company: Social Media has overtaken Pornography? tistics-that-will-make-you-rethink-your-social-stra This is a great article for anyone trying to view the future of online marketing. I have pulled out a couple of statistics that I think our clients should be aware of: Robert 5. SOCIAL MEDIA HAS OVERTAKEN PORN AS THE NO. 1 ACTIVITY ON THE WEB We all knew social media was popular, but this popular? Apparently it’s the most common thing we do online. So next time you find yourself watching Kitten vs. Watermelon videos on Facebook, you can at least console yourself with the fact that the majority of people online right now are doing something similar. Social media carries more weight than ever. It’s clearly not a fad, or a phase. It continues to grow as a habit, and new platforms continue to appear and develop. Rethink it: Putting time and effort into your social media strategy clearly makes sense in light of these stats. If you weren’t already serious about social media, you might want to give it a bit more of your time now. 1. THE FASTEST GROWING DEMOGRAPHIC ON TWITTER IS THE 55-64 YEAR AGE BRACKET. . This demographic has grown 79% since 2012. . The 45-54 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic on both Facebook and Google+. . For Facebook, this group has jumped 46%. . For Google+, 56%. 2. 189 MILLION OF FACEBOOK’S USERS ARE “MOBILE ONLY” Not only does Facebook have millions of users who don’t access it from a desktop or laptop, but mobile use generates 30% of Facebook’s ad revenue as well. This is a 7% increase from the end of 2012 already. 3. YOUTUBE REACHES MORE U.S. ADULTS AGED 18-34 THAN ANY CABLE NETWORK Did you think TV was the best way to reach the masses? Well if you’re after 18-34 year olds in the U.S., you’ll have more luck reaching them through YouTube. Of course, one video won’t necessarily reach more viewers than a cable network could, but utilizing a platform with such a wide user base makes a lot of sense. Rethink it: If you’ve been putting off adding video to your strategy, now’s the time to give it a go. You could start small with simple five-minute videos explaining what your company does or introducing your team. Best! Robert Fletcher – CEO Linked In: Twitter: @Robert_CEO, CEO Blog:

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