Zero Time – by M.P. Swinnerton

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An everyday, ordinary man is clunked on the head by a lump of masonry, putting him into a deep coma. During his comatose state, he becomes Zon, leader of Planet Zero.

In his new world, Zon copes with giant mutant beetles, dinosaurs, mammoth crabs, and an infestation of gigantic flies.

His friends on other planets include bird beings and fish folk, all very alien, but extremely nice. He also has some weird enemies, such as the evil warriors of Planet Otto.

Zon finds time for romance, falling for Stef, the female leader of a subservient race of people, but she also has an affair with Zon’s best friend, Zenith.

Of course, this wildly creative fantasy all plays out in Zon’s mind because of his coma. Or was any of it real? How Zero Time flies!

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Keywords:- Zero Tim, M.p.swinnerton, Scifi Fantasy, Coma, Futuristic Planet, Earthquakes, Erupting Volcanoes, Air Pollution, Tsunamis, Flooding, Dinosaurs, Mutant Cockroaches, Flies, Crabs, Aliens, Survival, Evil Space Warriors, Romance, Bi Sexuality, Strange Happenings, Betrayal, Family Loyalty.

Genres:- Fiction, Fantasy, General, Action & Adventure.

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