ZERO Greenhouse Emissions : The Day the Lights Went Out (9781608606269) – by Robert Williamson

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We are fast approaching multiple tipping points that, once breached, will lead to catastrophic climate chaos. Disruption to our very way of life will leave no one immune. Some, seeking to maintain their grip and the status quo; to continue with the “business and living as usual model”, for their vested commercial or political agendas, may wish this reality remain clouded for the majority of us.

ZERO Greenhouse Emissions – The day the lights went out – Our Future World exposes for the layman the reality of our collective futures. It places the pieces of the jumbled puzzle together. It steps back to put up for questioning the ‘best available science’ of climate change, the political agendas, the industrial and economic flaws of both developed and developing nations. It asks logically for us to question the illogical sleepwalk of our present course. Many with vested interests may wish you not to read this book. ‘What they would rather you didn’t know about Climate Change.’

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