Yaqui Woman and the Crystal Cactus : Spiritual Odyssey of a Woman of Power – by Ric V. Solano

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Yaqui Woman and the Crystal Cactus is a harrowing, spiritually rewarding story of a New Mother Teresa emerging in the Mayan 2012 New Age of Consciousness and Age of Aquarius.
A psychotherapist envisions the destruction of a Yaqui Indian village in 1910 Mexico, and the escape of a family. Bandits kill all but the mother and 14-year-old Maria, left beaten and raped, resulting in the birth of Teresa, seen as an evil omen by Maria. She abandons her to a workhouse. Later, Teresa works on behalf of children and women, and helps men to leave violence towards women and to live fuller lives. Thus, she is transformed into a Woman of Power in the World, so
proclaimed by her Yaqui Gods.

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Genres:- Fiction, Visionary & Metaphysical.

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