Words of a Demented Wiseman : … Life … Liberty… Egalité “Equality Is,” Said The Rainman, “No Longer Being Afraid of Those… Who are Paid to Protect You.” – by Rodney Wicks

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Words of a Demented Wiseman is a laugh-out-loud satire cascading with a mastery of wordplay and author Rodney Wicks’ unique humor.  This ferocious, bombastic novel highlights race, identity, and the power of words, categorizing nations and its descendants before you can even pop open your mouth.

It is those subtleties and nuances of the spoken words of a language, which can change your reality to something unreal, while confirming that reality of the person wearing a uniform, a gun and a badge but who is paid to protect you! Racism? Profiling? Or both?

BMHJ fled America after being last seen leaving the Red Elephant bar with Nikki Johnson, whose body was later found with her throat slashed, stabbed 48 times and a $50 bill protruded from her vagina. And, of course, the condemning evidence, her DNA from her blood was all over his clothes. How could he explain? Hiding out in a French psychiatric clinic, he figured they wouldn’t look for a murder suspect there.

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Keywords:-Trayvon, Racism, History, Laugh, African-American, Stereotypes, Black.

Genres:-General Fiction.


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