Woody Gets Dunked – by Rosemary Smith

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Parents really do know best … even if they’re lizards!Woody is a young lizard that enjoys snacking on all the tasty bugs he finds in the rain gutters attached to the house. Even though his father warns him that the gutters aren’t safe, Woody doesn’t listen.One day, Woody gets caught in a sudden rainstorm. He is washed down the drainpipe and plops into a bucket of water. After Woody Gets Dunked, Miss Hunny, the cat, jumps onto the potting table to dry her fur. Her sudden leap knocks a rake off the tabletop and it falls into the bucket holding the little lizard. Woody is able to climb onto the rake and escape the water, saving himself from disaster.Woody’s cousin, Lizzie, his father, and his friends are all happy to see Woody safe and sound. Miss Hunny is hailed as a hero, as Woody learns an important lesson. Woody Gets Dunked is a charming tale for children who may need a small reminder about the importance of safety.

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