Wolf’s Paw – by Tristan de Chalain

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Who is killing Atlanta’s doctors? Wolf’s Paw is a powerful novel about revenge and how one man lets it take over his life.
Rogue intelligence agent Aaron Ryan is a loner and borderline sociopath who has been working in covert operations for a governmental intelligence agency. As such, he is accustomed to using violence and terror as a means to achieving an end.
He is fast approaching burnout, when his only living relative, his beloved stepmother, dies under suspicious circumstances. Ryan is convinced there’s been a cover-up of medical malpractice and sets out to investigate. He uses all the skills he’s learned over the years as a covert agent to identify, target and then mete out justice to each doctor involved in his stepmother’s care.
One of those in his sights is Neill Proctor, a surgeon in the plastic surgery department of Emory Hospital. He and his wife, Sharon, also a doctor, are South African immigrants, living and working in Atlanta. In a strange twist of fate, Proctor and Ryan crossed paths over 15 years earlier in the killing fields of Angola, where Ryan was an undercover agent and Proctor was a prisoner of war.
Rather than simply murder Proctor, Ryan decides to seduce the doctor’s wife, so he can deprive Proctor of her love, as Ryan has been deprived of familial love.

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Keywords:- Plastic Surgery, Suspense, Thriller, Medicine, Revenge, Murder, Literary Fiction, Military History, Culture Shock, Immigrant, Kidnap, Crime, Covert Intelligence Operative, Georgia Bureau Of Investigation, Arson, Marital Relationship, Love, Christianity, Action Adventure.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense,  Thrillers, Action & Adventure.

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