Wisdom for a New Era: Balancing Nature, Science, and Belief (21 Contemporary Dialogues) – by Benjamin C. Godfrey

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“American mythologist Joseph Campbell (d 1987) suggested that old myths are no longer satisfying the needs of modern humankind. Those myths served as truth to the people of that era. However, amazing new discoveries about the universe, our natural environment and our minds and bodies are constantly nudging us toward a more realistic understanding of our place in the cosmos. The realities of the natural universe are the same for all cultures. From early childhood exposures we develop construct of myths or gods. As we mature through personal experiences and expanding knowledge, we strive to keep our beliefs in sync with new discoveries and developing ideas.

Reading Wisdom for a New Era will be of great value to anyone genuinely searching for a natural, realistic spiritual life in these challenging times. Here you will find uncommon ‘common sense’, critical thinking and practical approach to living.”

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Keywords:- Nature, Science, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Humanity, World

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