Wisdom and Enlightenment in the 21st Century – by Manesiro Shaheri Maretizo

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Doesn’t everyone need Wisdom and Enlightenment in the 21st Century?

Throughout life, an independent mind is usually interested in two ever-burning questions: What is truth and what is good? Both these pursuits have been monopolized, ?rst by science and other by religion.

Every institution eventually becomes soulless and ossified, as well as tyrannical over the freedom of mind and soul. Nothing can be taken for granted. Every one of us must keep asking, “What is truth and what is good?” We must not halt at our current stage of understanding. There is always more to learn, whether it is knowledge or ethics.

The author writes his views about time, space, the cosmos, and about man-woman relationships, what he found in the history of India, Muslims, and the United States, and how we can make a better world for everyone.

 We human beings have an ever-burning desire for knowledge and truth. We all belong to same species and evolved from the same batch of organisms, thus there is no justification for gender and caste inequalities in the world. We have evolved so we can look after the interests of the whole living world, nature, and environment. We must work to end the exploitation of animals, the plunder of natural resources, and eliminate pollution.

This book further elaborates the views expressed in the author’s earlier book Sharda Herstory of Cruelty, which was written to show the suffering, hatred, and folly of human beings.

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Keywords:-Cosmos, Time, Space, Special Theory of Relativity, Big Bang Theory, Enlightenment, Knowledge, Goodness, Love, Castes in India, Islamism,  Organized Crimes, Politicians-Police-Criminal Nexus.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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