Windows to the Afterlife – by James C. King

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After being struck by lighting, having open-heart surgery with four bypasses, and surviving a heart attack, I started seeing dead people and spirits. There were several visits from these entities and also many vivid dreams.

Windows to the Afterlife began as a journal covering the time period 1992 to 2013. The book is about the paranormal events that happened both to me and to my wife.

I realize that a lot of people have had paranormal experiences. Seventy percent of the public believe that paranormal events occur, while about 35 percent believe that that they have experienced something paranormal in their life.

By writing this book, I wanted to tell others who have had paranormal things happen to them that they are not crazy.

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Keywords:- Afterlife, Life After Death, Good and Evil, Dreams, Parallel Universes, Ghost Stories, Life Lessons.

Genres:- Biography/Autobiography/Memoir.

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