Which Way Did They Go? – by Mick Jeffs

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In the first ten years of my working life, as an able seaman in the Royal Navy, I travelled the world and saw nothing. I was fortunate enough to get a second chance to see it all again – and more ­- and this time I was the Captain.

Which Way Did They Go? tells briefly of my life until, at 42,  a change of direction occurred and I  found myself in the travel business as a tour operator.  The book goes on to relate a number of incredible adventures, some funny, some lucky, some serious that my wife and travel companion Maureen and I enjoyed in the 23 years spent accompanying travellers to places both far  away and nearer home.

Inside are stories of a disasterous weekend in Paris, dealing with the sudden death of  a passenger in Orlando, managing 150 sequence dancers, being involved in an armed robbery in Florida, breaking a truck drivers blockade in France, a white-water capsize in New Zealand and being accused of air rage in Australia. plus many more of our adventures.

Keywords:-Travel, Leader, Tour, Touring, Operator, Hold-Up.

Genres:-Biography & Autobiography



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