When Reasoning Is on Vacation – by Emokpae Odigie

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In Africa, the belief in witchcraft, magic, God, devil, and life before and after death are thought to be in the supernatural realm.

In his book, Nigerian author Emokpae Odigie tries to explain human events and actions given the background of natural laws, all in an attempt to end African superstition and its reliance on erroneous, invisible supernatural powers.

When Reasoning Is on Vacation is all about humanity, and how social and economic progress can be affected with outmoded thinking.

The author chose events to write about for which the machinations of witches and other invisible powers were attributed in Africa and tried to place them as natural laws. He raises questions about some and then tries to explain them in the background of natural occurrence.

The book was written to reflect the lack of social and economic progress of Africans, as well as the common accusation of innocent people possessing the power of witchcraft, which is believed to be responsible for misfortune.

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Keywords:- Economic, Supernatural, Nigerian, God, Devil, Magic.

Genres:- Mind, Body & Soul.

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