When Pebbles Roared : The Passion of Jesus Seen Through Different Eyes – by Timothy

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What would it be like if the pebbles and stones started talking? What stories could they tell? What if other objects could tell their stories, too?

That’s what this book does. This is the story of Easter; the story of Jesus’ arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection, but it’s told by witnesses that have NEVER come forward before. Imagine! They were there. These witnesses heard every word, saw every act, and felt every emotion. They were present when God changed the future of mankind forever.

But, this is not just a story to read again and again! This is a story that must be performed for audiences around the world. This book is crafted with readers, performers, and directors in mind. No matter when you read this story or perform it on stage, these characters from 2000 years ago come to life to share their witness of, and involvement in an act of “Divine Audacity”—the redemption of the human race.

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